Words that are likely to offend someone who is missing a limb, unable to walk independently or has weak legs: freak, lame and cripple. Nowadays, it is more acceptable to say physically disabled or handicap. PC words exist as a way to help language be less offensive to different groups of people.——Heather Pfeiffer
  那些容易冒犯四肢不健全,不能獨立行走或者腿腳不好的人的詞語有:畸形,瘸子以及殘廢。現如今,人們更願意接受的說法是:身體上行動不便者或者殘障人士。婉轉用詞的存在方式是為了幫助降低語言對不同人群的攻擊性。  (原標題:Politically Correct)


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